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Don't Drown, Enjoy Some Images
I'd be remiss if I didn't put some spiffy images here for people to view and download. As with any of the images on my site, they are public domain--though it would be tacky to swipe them all and put them on another site wouldn't it? *grin* Enjoy the purty pictures.

  • 3rdwheel.gif - (9.9K) - Panorama of the Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory
  • 3rdin2.gif - (8K) - Panorama of 2nd room in Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory
  • books.gif - (6K) - Alex outside a bookstore
  • construc.gif - (10K) - Panoramic view of the Sticksville Construction Site
  • finalbat.gif - (7.8K) - Final Battle Panorama
  • fltiron1.gif - (9.8K) - Flatirons Mall 1st Half Panorama
  • fltiron2.gif - (11.5K) - Flatirons Mall 2nd Half Panorama
  • gangup.gif - (10.6K) - Wide Screen shot of Alex in the thick of it
  • hclub1.gif - (5.1K) - Outside the Health Club
  • hclub2.gif - (3.7K) - Inside the Health Club
  • hclub3.gif - (3.9K) - Enjoying the Sauna
  • merlins.gif - (4.7K) - Inside Merlin's Mystery Shop
  • rchsgym.gif - (12K) - Really Wide Screen Panorama of the RCHS Gym
  • steakshp.gif - (6.4K) - Outside the Steak Shop - Yummy.
  • maintitl.gif - (3.4K) - The Main Title Screen
  • tossem.gif - (10K) - Wide Screen of Alex carrying a Baddie
  • warehous.gif - (5.7K) - Alex fighting the Mob inside WSL Co. Warehouse
  • wslco.gif - (7.2K) - Outside the WSL Co. Warehouse

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