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Canyon Research is a private, operating foundation based in San Diego, California. The foundation supports research and education projects that focus on innovative computer-related communications technology, public communications policy, and domestic communications regulatory issues. 

Canyon Research seeks to advance communications research and education through the specific projects identified at this Website. Periodically, the foundation publishes a Call for Applications that describes these research projects.

Grants will be awarded to qualified individuals or organizations that demonstrate the ability to carry out the research projects defined in the Call for Applications. As designated in the Call for Applications, grants awarded by Canyon Research are for project-specific use, not general purpose use.

Through grants and fellowships, Canyon Research allows independent researchers to develop new and innovative technologies that will manifest themselves in breakthrough computer communications capabilities. Because it is not always practical or profitable for this type of research to be conducted in the commercial sector, Canyon Research is in a unique position to bring technological advancements to the forefront of the computer communications industry. 
Stuart A. Winkelman, Director
Canyon Research
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San Diego, CA 92131
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