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Awards & Links
This page has been added in honor of our "Cool Site" awards. This space will also be used to display various links, including some that we have found interesting or think might be interesting to visitors of this site. Please scroll down.

These organizations have honored us with awards:
Some of the older award links no longer work.

Internet Magazine "Cool Site of the Day"

Internet Connection
"Internet's Top Twelve of the Week"

Computer Currents Interactive (CCI)

Windmill Frasier Multimedia
"Cool Site o' the Day"

AstrologyNet "Gold Star"

Dr. Webster prescribes:
"Web Site of the Day"
"...should be essential reading (and listening)
for all Christmas music fans, as well as anyone
who's in the mood to get into the yuletide spirit."

The Great Goo Award
with "spinning star" for "exceptionally well designed site"

TrackNet's Cool Sites List
"Pick for the Week"
December 16,1996

Ordering Info.

Hear the Music (mp3)

Reviews of the cd

Carol Histories

Christmas music Quiz

Free Sheet Music

Christmas cd Acclaim

Christmas Music: The Christmas Guitar

The Christmas Guitar: Christmas music on guitar and mandolin

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