Free Sheet Music

Free Sheet Music

Would you like to play a Christmas carol?
Montrose Music will be happy to e-mail you the sheet music for "What Child Is This?" as performed by John David on The Christmas Guitar CD.

The Library Journal
"A rare treat...David makes even the most familiar carols seem fresh...almost too good to play only in holiday acoustic album...very informative liner notes...Highly recommended."

The sheet music is available as a .gif file:
music notation only
music notation with tablature
or as a text file:
tablature only.
Click here to see how the three versions of the sheet music look.

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Specify that you are requesting the free transcription and whether you prefer your sheet music as a .gif file, with guitar tab or without, or as a tab only text file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST be sure that your correct e-mail address is in either the "from" or the "reply to" field of your request for the sheet music. At this time of year there are too many requests for us to check each address against the contents of the email, then cut and paste. We just 'reply.' Thank you for your consideration on this point.

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