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This section is for stuff I couldn't really place in other sections, or that was too spiffy to bury down 3 or 4 levels in the site. Hard to believe there'd be anything odd about River City Ransom huh?

I've come to regard it inevitable that I'd find some reviews for RCR if I looked hard enough. If you wanna find out what others think of the game, click below.

RCR 2: A Sequel???

Well... River City Ransom 2 may or may not exist, I'm still not entirely convinced. However, I'm certainly convinced that a 16 bit game engine based upon the play mechanics and layout of River City Ransom was made, and I'd definately be willing to entertain the fact that an intent to make a sequel was there. Unfortunately, I think the marketing department screwed us on this one, possibly killing the idea of an RCR2 due to competition with Double Dragon. Anyway, below you'll find a review and some screenshots for Super Mr. Kunio, which for all intents and purposes looks like it was to be the intended RCR sequel.

The Box

River City Ransom's box art stands out as some of the better packaging for 8-bit NES titles. Admittedly, the gritty nature of the box certainly doesn't prepare you for the comically enjoyable game within, but the art is nevertheless effective. An added irony is that the image of Alex and Ryan in a fence enclosed courtyard looks a great deal like that from the Shawshank Redemption.

RCR in England

Many NES games found themselves with different titles across the Atlantic. River City Ransom too had a different name in the old country. Now, the word "Ninja" was taboo in Europe for a few years, but who'd have thought that "River City Ransom" would be an offensive title. Well, who knows, but the reality is that in Europe, you could find this game entitled "Street Gangs" (with different box art too). Kinda funny eh?

Super Dodge Ball

This may be of little surprise, but River City Ransom wasn't the only game replete with super deformed heads and awesome playability. In the same year, Technos created Super Dodge Ball (released by CSG Imagesoft), a game not unlike volleyball with one minor exception-you smack your opponents in the face with the ball.

Crash 'N The Boys Street Challenge

You didn't think Dodge Ball was the only Technos RCR-like Superdeformed game did you? Well, in 1992 they slapped their usual graphics onto a track and field game, and this is the result. It's not that good, but does have a lot of variety, and of course likenesses of the RCR guys imbue throughout.

World Cup Soccer

If they can put these guys in Dodge Ball and Track & Field, it only makes sense that they'd also get in a good game of soccer. The game plays a lot like Dodge Ball, and isn't horrid like Crash N' The Boys.

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